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This is hilarious! I've often thought about people who had a normal name that abruptly became abnormal because of a famous (infamous) person with same name. The book editor at the Tribune's name was Elizabeth Taylor. Know a poor guy in NY named George Wallace (though people may be forgetting who the nasty George Wallace was). The first Errol Flynn I knew was a Black distance runner at my high school in Peoria. Artis Gilmore's wife's name is Enola Gay. I hope to God there's not another Donald Trump out there.

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Whoa! Those are great examples. It's weird how just having the same name can draw you to a person, or away from a person. The most crazy niche one of my day was during high school, when one of my classmates at New Trier had the same name as a key Yankees reliever when they were winning World Series titles: Jeff Nelson. But man, you grew up with George Wallace and Errol Flynn. That's much better :)

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