At last: a comprehensive book on the 1990s Chicago Bulls

I love Chicago sports.

I love Chicago sports history.

And I want to share both with you.

My name is Jack Silverstein, AKA ReadJack, and if you know me, you know the above three statements don’t even begin to scratch the surface of just how true they are. Like most sports fans, my fandom began at birth. But my love of history started not long after, and ever since I could read, I’ve been hunting for the backstory of everything in Chicago sports.

That’s what this newsletter, “A Shot On Ehlo,” will be about: my everlasting hunt. And with this newsletter, I’m hunting with an end in mind.

To start? The 1990s Bulls, and my forthcoming book: “6 Rings: The Bulls, The City, and the Dynasty that Changed the Game.”

This newsletter will deliver the spoils of my hunt.

Praise and endorsements from some of our favorite sports fans and press

In the past decade, I’ve raised my game as a Chicago sports historian. You’ve seen my work in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, in Windy City Gridiron and ChicagoNow, at the Barber’s Chair Network and Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Reader and many other places. I’ve also been a sports history source in the Ringer and Sports Illustrated.

I have also had the honor to bring my work to the airwaves: on 670 The Score and WGN, on CLTV SportsFeed and WCG Radio, on ESPN Radio and the BBC.

Among the folks who have amplified my work and shown me love:

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But Substack has a minimum monthly sub of $5.

So this is $5.

But I’m keeping my annual rate at $33.

Stay here for updates on “6 Rings” and other projects. I thank you for your support!

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